Remember when Carnival was FUN? 

Fete Truck is simple: Carnival on your terms!



FeteTruck is all the FULL CARNIVAL EXPERIENCE without the cost of a costume. The recipe for an awesome Carnival is Great Music, Friends and Drinks.

  • We are a group of friends that welcomes groups of friends who are ready to PLAY MAS without the stress. You will meet old friends and make new ones as it will be intimate and very friendly.
  • Wear whatever you like: Monday wear, a homemade costume or shorts and a tee.
  • We provide the MUSIC, DRINKS, SECURITY, ROLLING RESTROOMS and LUNCH both days.
  • We parade both days but with start times that take home life into consideration
    • Monday 12 pm – 6 pm
    • Tuesday 10 am – 7 pm
    • We meet and end at “Jenny’s on the Boulevard.
    • Parking is available locally.
  • ”FeteTruck is a registered small band so we will cross as many stages as possible.
  • Fete Truck is modular-you can decide which day you want to play with package deals for J’ouvert, Monday and Tuesday.

What's Included?

Your Fetetruck package includes:

  • An awesome Fetetruck Hat
  • Fetetruck Cup
  • Fetetruck Bag (with some Carnival essentials)
  • Access band
  • We provide the ROAD
  • You conduct the VIBES
  • FeteTruck has partnered with our friends at CLAYEVOLUTION to give you the full Carnival experience which includes J’ouvert AND Carnival for a combined price or Carnival on its own.

I'm in! I'm ready to SIGN UP now!

Packages are available via our online platform at

Package TTD Price USD Price
J'ouvert Only 650 100
FeteTruck Monday 949 150
FeteTruck Tuesday 1,549 240
FeteTruck Both Days 2,399 370
J'ouvert + FeteTruck Monday 1,574 250
J'ouvert + Fete Truck Tuesday 2,174 340
J'ouvert + Fetetruck Both Days 3,000 470